Get Woke or Go Broke

It’s January 2019, a new year and the last year of the 2010s decade.

The coming of a new year always seems to bring forth a tremendous amount of hope and aspirations for the future within us. We begin to dream again concerning our life that includes our family and friends. We declare resolutions that are career-based, or on health, spiritual, intellectual, and financial goals that are aspirational. However, as the year progresses the dreams and resolutions that once captivated us at the beginning of the year all but becomes a fading memory, but it does not have to be this way.

You can choose right now to dream and have them become reality. You can choose right now to make declarations that are not said in vain. You can choose right now to take accountability your actions. This is the power of will that our creator has bestowed upon us. It’s time for all of us to wake up. Wake up, and be aware of your surroundings, wake up and be aware of your behaviors, rise and shine to your dreams and make them a reality by nightfall. Wake up and thank the Lord you have another chance to make a change in your life. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP! Rise and shine and wake up wisdomites. It’s time to let wisdom be your friend to guide you. “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” – KJV Proverbs 11:14.

At this moment you can choose to get woke or go broke.

If you don’t pay attention and wake up you can become bankrupt; not just financially, but emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Credit card debt is not a wealth building tool. It’s a materialism accumulation tool. How much stuff have you accumulated from using credit cards? Have any of the stuff purchased in 2018 brought you a lot of happiness?

Sample Sale Etitquette

With the year winding down and samples sales is in its last hurrah for 2015, we thought it would be helpful to share some bits of wisdom on sample sale etiquette, so here we go!

  • Hoarding – Hoarding anything can make life dysfunctional; whether it be beanie babies, troll dolls, cast iron cookware, or even cats! However, hoarding shoes at sample sale should be in its own category. There have been many occasions when zealous shoppers are seen hoarding massive piles of shoes. (Seriously, some sale organizers need to put a limit on how many shoes one can buy at these sales). Not only is this not fair to other shoppers who may walk out empty handed, but it also creates a hostile environment. It’s for this reason and many more why some high fashion companies will continue to keep their sample sales exclusive.
  • Cutting the line – Waiting in line to get into a popular sale is the norm, but what’s not ok is waiting in line for a long time and see some line cutters nonchalantly try to blend in. Thankfully this kind of behavior rarely goes unnoticed, and those already waiting in line will be quick to let security know what is going on. Similar to hoarding, cutting the line is not fair to other shoppers. If you really need to get into the sale; then hire a line sitter or get there earlier.
  •  Lying to get in – Ok, so you want to get into an extremely exclusive samples sale, let’s say Christian Louboutin, but sorry to break to you honey. You are not going to get in if A) your full name is not on the list, B) you were not invited, or C) you’re not Blake Lively. Not only is it embarrassing to be turned away, you’ll walk the walk of shame as those with invites snicker and roll their eyes. Save yourself the grief and shop at Barneys or Saks during their seasonal sales.
  • Be on time – There is an old adage that states “The early bird gets the early worm,” and the same holds true for samples sales. Some samples sales are time specific and will ask that you call in advance to book in an appointment to shop. Others will give you ticket with a number or letter on it and you will be allowed to shop when your group has been called, and some will give you a certain day to shop based on the first letter of your last name (oh, yes that has happened). Whatever the rules are be sure to follow them, and be on time; otherwise you could miss out on an opportunity to splurge.
  • Being nasty (shopperzilla) – A shopperzilla is someone who encompasses all the traits that were mentioned above. They hoard, will stalk you for your finds, are arrogant, and worst of all is competitive. No one wants to be around a shopperzilla. A sample sale is not a race. I repeat. A sample sale is not a race. Samples sales are supposed to be enjoyable not a competitive sport. If you know you are not going to buy something then let someone else who’s interested have it. After all, a little kindness goes a long way.


Century 21 coming to Green Acres Mall


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Hold on to your hats ladies and gents because Century 21 department store is making Valley Stream it newest location! The discount retailer is adding VS to its growing list of store locations; making VS NY’s sixth location.  The store will … Continue reading

Vincent and Edgar Saved My Shoes


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Every fashionista knows the importance of building a relationship with her tailor, make-up artist, nail technician, or hair stylist, but what about her cobbler?  Have shoes that too high, or toes that are too pointy. Maybe you want a pair … Continue reading

Tamara Mellon or Bust



After last year’s wildly popular sale, Tamara Mellon is back for round two, but I regret to say that I’m disappointed with the price increase. Last year, I bought a beautiful TM Pleasure Patchwork Watersnake bag (Org. $1,295) for $100 and now all shoulder and tote bags are $200. Speed Date bags (Org. $1.895 -$1,295) are going for $400. Clutches nearly doubled in price, increasing from $50 to $125. The price of shoes also saw an increase. At last year’s sale, pumps were $50 are now $100, booties and boots were $55 and $75 are now respectively $100 and $150. Ready to wear is still moderately priced.

Despite Tarama Mellon’s initial sample sale being so popular last year, I can’t help but wonder if the mass migration of Tamara Mellon merchandise that ended up on eBay last year could have prompted the corporate team to jack up the prices.

The sale may still be worth a shot if you are a die-hard Tamara Mellon fan, and don’t mind the price increase; just remember that today is the last day.

Finally, a Public Salvatore Ferragamo Sale


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After 2011’s melee at the Salvatore Ferragamo warehouse sample sale in Secaucus; many thought the Italian fashion label would never have another public sample sale. Well, they say good things come to those who wait, and earlier this week Ferragmao … Continue reading

Sunrise Multiplex Cinemas Sunsets for Good

After serving the Rosedale and Valley Stream community for over 2 decades, the Sunrise Multiplex Cinemas closed its doors for the last time on January 19th, 2015.

Going to the movies may not be what it used to be, but I have a treasure trove of fond memories of good ol’ Sunrise dating back to my preteen obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio. From Antz to The Rugrats Movie; all of my favorite childhood movies were enjoyed by the best of what the 90s had to offer . When I became a teenager, I craved action movies and my favorite movie theater did not disappoint.

Yet in my young adult years I found myself found going less often; we were like old lovers and would occasionally become reacquainted with either a fascinating love story, or an epic melodrama.

However, this time it would be different. I decided to visit my beloved movie theater one last time before I bid adieu for good. The bittersweet farewell began with my me going through the motions of the movie theater experience from buying the tickets, to waiting in line to buy overpriced popcorn, and finally to rushing to my seat before the movie began. Amidst the final day approaching, I wanted to watch a comedy to keep my spirits up.

After the movie ended I walked out feeling content knowing that Sunrise Multiplex Cinemas remained my favorite until the very end.

12 Life Lessons – A Year in Review

1. When someone wants you they will look for you.

Gone are the days when you needed to hire a private investigator to help you look for a long lost friend, or distant relative. The Internet has made it easier for just about anyone to find you. If some is not looking for then that means that they do not care.

2. Know when to leave.

Throwing in the towel and letting go of a stress moment doesn’t not mean that you are weak. It shows you are brave enough to realize when you have reached your breaking point.

3. The more you feel like you have to try; the more you will suffer.

There is nothing wrong with striving for what you want, as long as you are not suffering for it in a way that is detrimental to your health.

4. Love is not enough.

We have all been there. You are in a relationship and you are in love, but then you start to realize that you are in love with someone who has different lifestyles and life goals from you, and it’s causing a conflict. And that is when it hits you…. love is not enough. Instead of wasting precious years in an unsatisfying relationship; it’s better to just move on and date someone else who shares similar life interests.

 5. No matter what happens; life always goes on.

Life is always consistent no matter what happens. The sun will always rise and set, and the weather will never stay the same. Hardships may be disheartening, but only you can make the best of your day.

6. Be the best friend that you can be to yourself first.

Diane Von Furstenberg once said “The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself.”  Many of us get caught in others instead of looking after ourselves. Lovers can leave, parents grow old and pass away, children get older and move out, and other people in your life will come and go, but through all of these life experiences, you will always be with yourself.

 7. No language is inferior. All languages are equal.

Well, let’s face it some people will love to show how well they speak a language; just to aggravate you, or just to show off. All languages have their own unique beauty.

 8. Proceed with caution, when someone from your past comes into your life again.

Remember that ol’ buddy of yours that got married and didn’t tell you, but bumps into you at a friend’s party years later and wants to hang out? People from your past should always be handled with caution; especially if things ended with a lot of drama. This applies to ex-lovers, and crazy relatives, too.

9. Listen to your feelings.

Trust you instincts. It is never wrong.

10. Your parents may not now everything, but they want the best for you.

No one likes being nagged; especially by their parents. Most parents want the best for their children (no matter how old they are), so it wouldn’t hurt to listen to their advice.

 11. Sometimes you have to look at life for what it is, rather than what it used to be.

Thinking about what life could have been or what is used to be is a waste of time. Being present is more important and productive.

12. Not everything in life appears to be what you see, have faith.

A lot of beautiful moments can happen to you when you believe.


Life Lesson: No Language is Inferior – All Languages are equal

It was a hot humid Tuesday morning when my mother and I decided it was time to take a trip to the countryside to see her family. The long drive from our hotel to her home town was an adventure in of itself, and I enjoyed watching landscape slowly transformed from concrete buildings and brightly colored houses to mountainous hills and farmland. The hustle and bustle of everyday life slowly faded and gave way to birds chirping and quiet breeze as we entered the country side.

We were immediately greeted by family as we pulled up into the drive way Naturally, my mom wanted to catch up with everyone and introduce me to relatives with whom I never met and others I have not seen in over a year. We went across the street to visit some distant relatives. As we crossed the street, I thought to myself, this could be a great opportunity to flex my foreign language skills.

However, this turned out to be an embarrassing experience as it turned out that my second cousin was less than thrilled and baffled by my unique accent. I over heard him saying how he couldn’t understand why I did speak my ‘mother’s tongue’ that well, and right in front of me told another relative that I don’t speak the language that well.

My pronunciation of some words may not have been precise, but I have amazing auditory comprehension of the language, so upon leaving I answered back “you’re right I don’t speak the language very well.”